Butty Bits

Preserves Freshness!

No More Smelly Butt!

Saves Money!

Compact & Easy to Use!

Great Gift!

Think About Saving $


  • Average cost for a cigarette is almost 50 cents each, 95% are discarded Unfinished!
  • The net result is 20-30 cents still in your pocket, which adds up to $4-6 dollars (CAD) saved per pack.

Pocket Butty Red

Gone are the days of storing that smelly half-smoked cigarette in your pack. Gone are the days of trying to fetch it back out for smoking!

               It's Simple!

Buy Pocket Butty Now!

Insert lit cigarette into the flared open end of your Pocket Butty; Pop on the convenient cap for sealing. Cigarette is snuffed out in seconds! Save for resmoking without the usual strong after taste.