“I have one with me at all times while out in the bush hunting or in my canoe while fishing. I have no worries about starting a wild fire by inadvertently incompletely extinguishing a cigarette by stepping on it on the forest floor and leaving it smoldering.”

I love my Pocket Buttys!

-- Robert A. Baum       



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“Many of us, who smoke, often don't have time to finish a cigarette. We all know how expensive smokes are these days. So, instead of throwing them away or putting a smelly "butt" back into your pack why not use the Pocket Butty. I think it's a great invention and most importantly safer for the environment if we are going to smoke. "

-- Lisa      

Kelowna, BC      



“My mate went to Canada and brought a Pocket Butty back for me. Itís a bloody beauty! I use it all the time.”

-- Denis Walker      

Brisbane, QLD Australia      



The Place To Park Your Butt!

“My packs last twice as long...I love it! "

-- Judy      

Nanaimo, BC      



" An innovative product that is very useful to anyone who smokes. It is safe, convenient, inexpensive, prevents obnoxious odours, and reduces the amount a person smokes. "

-- Sarge Strecheniuk      

Retired Forest Officer      


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